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DevBootcamp Day - no just kidding :(

Here we go. The moment nobody was waiting for is finally here. DBC is gone. YES GONE.

It ended just like if we were running, and BAM, out of nowhere, we fall off a cliff. AND THEN YOU’RE DEAD.

The pace stayed intense until the end; Thursday morning was filled with last minute polishing of our group projects. Then the afternoon was the presentations. I was pretty surprised with the quality of every single app made by each group. It is pretty impressive how 50 people were able to become so good at programming in such a short amount of time.
We definitely proved the haters that IT IS possible to achieve what DevBootcamp is promising. And that’s badass.

Then, no time to rest, Friday was hiring day. About 30 companies came to greet and meet us, and I have to say, it was draining. I didn’t have the chance to meet all of them, but got to meet who I wanted to. I ended up meeting easily 20+ people. It drained me.

What is amazing is that some employers sent follow up emails to some of us just a few hours later, the same night. And Saturday too. Which is cool. I already have a few interviews scheduled with companies I am really interested in, which is amazing.

I was NOT expecting such a quick response from anyone, so it’s just amazing to look at my calendar and see more interview next week than I ever had in my whole life!
And it’s not only opportunities in SF; I also have interviews for New York, Colombia and back in Canada. 

Pretty crazy!

Later friday we had a quick and intense graduation where we were given dog tags and then the graduation party. Which was amazing. At least until 11pm, when I left to go to bed, due to intense fatigue.

And now what? It’s all done. Not really…

We were again at the office Saturday morning, and this morning too. Not a break yet. We have to get ready for those interview. I’m leaving in a week, so it’s not the time to slow down. Not yet.

I spent the week end working on an app that an employer (one of my top choice for sure) already asked me to build to have some code to discuss about during an interview next week.

Yea, it’s moving fucking fast. And that’s how I like it.

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